Karin Bolldén

Karin Bolldén

Ph.D. Student in Education

I am a Ph D Student in education at the Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning, Linköping University, Sweden. My research interest revolves around questions regarding teaching and learning with ICT in general, and teaching and learning online in particular.

I have a degree in Bachelor of Science with a major in Educational and Instructional Technology, University of Skövde and a degree in Master of Science in Education with orientation towards Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Learning, Gothenburg University. During the years of 2006-2008 I was a lecturer at the University of Skövde. Mainly, I taught and also had course responsibility for a number of courses in computer science and educational science. In addition, I arranged and participated in various efforts on teaching and learning in higher education aimed at improving the competence of university teachers regarding distance teaching and learning and teaching and learning in flexible forms.

During spring 2016 I am finalising my postgraduate studies at Linköping University, Sweden. The thesis addresses online teaching practices in higher education and is a compilation thesis in English comprising four articles and a kappa. In the study reported in the thesis, a perspective of practice theory is applied in order to analyse teaching in two different online environments. The first environment is a text-based and asynchronous environment (itslearning) and the second environment is a virtual world (Second Life). The study has an online ethnographic approach and hence is an example of internet research.

In addition to the work with the thesis and postgraduate courses, I have also widened my scientific qualifications by participating but also arranging scientific and international conferences. I have also been part of the work of launching and working with an international and scientific journal - The European Journal for Research on the Education and Learning of Adults (RELA) in the role of head editorial assistant. Furthermore, I have also been a visiting doctoral student at the University of British Columbia, Canada.